Cancellation and refund Policy

All the cancellation and return policy is described here, please read it carefully

Cancelation and Refund Policy :

If the users wish to cancel his appointment with the doctors or HCSs, then they have to notify us within a valid time period. The users will be given the opportunity to delete his already enlisted name from the list until the night before the appointment is successful. The process of cancellation will be stopped at 12 a.m. of the night before the appointment is successful.

At mediqueue, we do our best to ensure that our customers are immensely satisfied with our service. And we are happy to offer a complete refund in the following circumstances.

  1. If you cancel the appointment within the appropriate time period assigned by mediqueue team.

  2. If mediqueue cancel any appointment.

Following circumstances do not qualify to Return or Refund.

  1. Users will not be entitled to any refunds in cases where, the Practitioner is unable to meet the User at the exact time of the fact whether the User is required to wait, irrespective of the fact whether the User is required to wait or choose to not obtain the medical services from the said Practitioner.

  2. In case, where the User, does not show up for the appointment booked with a Practitioner, without canceling the appointment beforehand, the amount will not be refunded.