Medical queue had never been so easy before!

Mediqueue is an Online Platform that reduces Your Hassle of standing in Line with a Virtual Queueing System. It also saves your time of finding the Right Doctors.

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Some of the best features Of Our App!

Easy to Use

We love to design our App to behave like a likeable person: Respectful, Generous and Helpful. “Dont make users think” attitude hepls us to enhance the userabliity and simplicity.

Extreme Security

Security of Your Data is Our Top Priority. Your Data is Highly Protected with:
1. Multi-Level Security Checks
2. Multiple Data Backups System

Stop Wasting Time

No more hours wasted standing in long queues — Enlist your name from anywhere. Simply join queues with the tap of a button and receive a notification when it’s your turn.

Real Time Tracking

With real-time tracking matrix, you will be able ot know:
1. The arrival and checkout time of Doctors.
2. Availability of doctors in clinic.
3. Density of patients in the clinic.
4. Position in the queue.

Find Doctors Near You

The app shows the existent Chambers by proximity according to your location. Now get rid off the hassale of finding nearest doctors, its now a one click away!

for those Who know the Importance of Time.


Well planned Information Architecture

Mediqueue always think from the perspective of it’s users. Our strategy is to present all the information in a way that is easy for users to find.

Load time

Fast Load times

User’s every single second is important to us. We have design our application according to the Users expectation, such that our users do not face slow loading time problem.


Effective Navigation

Mediqueue offers good quality navigation features like :
1. Multiple ways to explore contents
2. Good internal linking
3. Informative header and footer.


Color Scheme

We have employed a very limited color range in our design to enhance usability. Good contrast between background and text makes our content legible and easy to read.


Reliable Icons to guide User

Users will experience a ordered and logical design with logos and icons. Different logos and icons will guide the users to differentiate the different specialization.


Extreme Security

Mediqueue provides a highly secure and safe service to it's user. All the data and codes are highly Protected from being stolen or hijacked.

Have a Quick Look!

Just follow some virtual steps and reach to the right doctors. This COVID-2019 pandemic taught us to have minimal close interaction to unknowns and to obey social distancing. So start your journey in the digital space with mediqueue.

Change your line, save your life.

What Our Customers
Have to Say

Mediqueue reviewer 1

Awesome application

AWESOME application! I always love having a easy and gorgeous application that is verymuch affective and workful

Mediqueue reviewer 2

Their user interface is really well organized

This is a very simple application. Every contents are well ordered and decorated. This really saves our time!

Mediqueue reviewer 3

Mediqueue made my life simple

I came to know about this application from one of my friend. And believe me this is awesome. They have simplified a very complex problem in a simple way. Before I had to spent almost a day to consult with a doctor, because there was so much uncertainiy about the consultation. But now mediqueue saved my time, THANK YOU MEDIQUEUE!

Mediqueue reviewer 4

Want a hassle free checkup? go with mediqueue

I like this app very much. This is designed upon a totally new concept to relief from the hassel of standing in line. This Application is very effective for the patients. Here we can book our seat in virtual queue by taking some few steps. This is verymuch user friendly.

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