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Mediqueue is about managing Doctor journeys in the digital space. It also provides a digitally organized clinic for Doctors with multiple chamber management.

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Some of the best features Of Our App!

Easy to Use

We love to design our App to behave like a likeable person: Respectful, Generous and Helpful. “Dont make users think” attitude hepls us to enhance the userabliity and simplicity.

Extreme Security

Security of Your Data is Our Top Priority. Your Data is Highly Protected with:
1. Multi-Level Security Checks
2. Multiple Data Backups System

Multiple Chamber Management

You can operate easily on multiple chambers with multiple assistants with a single clinic management system. A cloud base server facility will allow you to track all your data to have better control over the operations.

Enhance Planning

Mediqueue will provide you a cloud base queue management. The array of gathered data will help you better gauge your service situations as :
a) Average waiting time of patients.
b) Number of appointed patients.
c) Access to check-ups history.
d) Analysis of Your performance.

Organize Patients Flow

Mediqueue! Originally designed for doctors can be applied to control the number of patients in the clinic. It also eliminates the guesswork and chaos that so often come with unmanaged queues. Know the states of the patients at a glance.

Routine Appointments

Make a daily routine appointment and Get notified of Upcoming reservations at the clinic. Mediqueue will help doctors to schedule their daily practice sessions.

Offline Patient Management

Mediqueue does not restrict your offline practice but helps you to digitalize your offline services. For emergency cases, Doctors are free to give offline services.

Automation of daily processes

Mediqueue is a solution to the frustration that both the patients and doctors face during offline practice. We have designed features like
1. Our system will send a confirmation email once the appointment is scheduled.
2.Patients will get appointment reminders through email or SMS.
3. Doctors can notify their patients about sudden off-duty dates.

Best features of Mediqueue chamber app

for those Who know the Importance of Time.

Well planned Information Architecture

Well planned Information Architecture

Mediqueue always thinks from the perspective of its users. Our strategy is to present all the information in a way that is easy for users to find.

Fast Load times

Fast Load times

User’s every single second is important to us. We have design our application according to the Users expectation, such that our users do not face a slow loading time problem.

Effective Navigation

Effective Navigation

Mediqueue offers good quality navigation features like :
1. Multiple ways to explore contents
2. Good internal linking
3. Informative header and footer.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme

We have employed a very limited color range in our design to enhance usability. Good contrast between background and text makes our content legible and easy to read.

Reliable Icons to guide User

Reliable Icons to guide User

Users will experience an ordered and logical design with logos and icons. Different logos and icons will guide the users to differentiate the different specializations.

Extreme Security

Extreme Security

Mediqueue provides a highly secure and safe service to its user. All the data and codes are highly Protected from being stolen or hijacked.

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Safe access to healthcare is critical and can not be postponed. Clinics are filled with sick peoples in very close proximity to one another. In this current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Mediqueue helps reduce the risk of virus spread and keeps the patients safe from the risk of infections.

A little change can bring a big difference.

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